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Lingonperry provides you with all the necessary tools for music distribution and career management. You can create and store your music directly on the platform, share your music with your audience and collaborators, and receive real-time feedback.

Our virtual manager helps you organize gigs, connects you with other artists, record labels, or even mixers at the right time, and guides you step by step in building your career.


With our service, you can more easily reach a wide audience of new music enthusiasts because on our platform, major artists are notably absent!

As your artist career develops on our platform, it automatically connects you with the right partners at the right time, whether they are booking agents, record labels, or even a local mixer.


Lingonperry offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with other artists and music industry professionals. 

Find local venues, opening acts, and sound engineers, network with music companies, and discover benefits from our partners' offerings.

Additional services

Get support from professionals at the right time. Lingonperry's support team also assists with contract, billing, and other management needs.

When you have built a solid foundation for your career through consistent work with our virtual manager service, it may be time to discuss a deeper partnership with us.

In Your style

Do you want to stand out from the crowd and create your own unique brand? Lingonperry helps you build and strengthen your personal brand.

Luo oma artistiprofiilisi, jossa voit esitellä musiikkiasi, kertoa tarinasi ja jakaa viestejä faneillesi. Lisäksi saat käyttöösi työkaluja sosiaalisen median hallintaan ja markkinointiin, jotta voit tavoittaa suuremman yleisön. Lingonperry auttaa sinua erottumaan ja saavuttamaan menestystä omalla tyylilläsi!

For Listeners

An Intriguing Algorithm

Are you looking to discover new music and expand your music taste into new realms? With our adjustable algorithm, you can find exciting new opportunities to explore fresh music.

We offer you a unique opportunity to discover new favorite songs and talented artists. Lingonperry makes music exploration easy, surprising, and enjoyable!

Real communities

Lingonperry offers you the chance to join shared communities of music fans and artists.

You can converse with your favorite artists and fellow music enthusiasts, share experiences about favorite songs, and find like-minded individuals. Lingonperry connects the music world in a way you haven't experienced before!

Be with them

Help your favorite artists in their careers and reap the rewards! You get to concretely be part of your favorite artist's community and assist them in ways that suit you best.

Our platform also provides opportunities to participate in the marketing of artists and their events, for which you will be rewarded!



Discover new talents and collaborate! Lingonperry offers agencies, record labels, and event industry professionals a comprehensive artist catalog where you can find new talented artists and bands.

Explore a diverse selection of representatives from various genres and discover potential collaborators. Additionally, Lingonperry serves as an effective communication channel where you can share information about your own artists and events with a wide user base.


Marketing and promotion support – Reach a larger audience and increase visibility! Lingonperry provides agencies, record labels, and event industry professionals with marketing and promotion assistance.

We can help you reach a larger audience and enhance the visibility of your artists or events. Utilize our platform's advertising opportunities, collaborate with us through tailored campaigns, and reach music and event enthusiasts around the world.


Data analytics and user behavior – Gain profound insights into your audience! Lingonperry provides agencies, record labels, and event industry professionals with comprehensive data analytics and user behavior tracking.

You'll receive in-depth information about your audience, including listening habits, popular genres, and regional trends. With this data, you can make better decisions regarding marketing, artist selection, and event planning.


Petri Mäkiharju

Chief Growth Officer
Sami Hiidenhelmi

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